Key activities

The main activities within the ZEBRA2020 project were:

  • Monitor the nZEB market transition
  • Involve and assist decision-makers to develop an nZEB strategy and provide recommendations
  • Prepare a continuation of the nZEB market-tracking beyond the project duration

These activities have the potential to significantly improve the data basis and information level of nZEB activities in Europe. This can provide the ground for much deeper nZEB strategies and policy packages implemented on the European, national and regional levels. The continuation of nZEB market-tracking activities beyond the project duration were already be initiated during the project. This was be strongly supported by the flexible and open design of the webtool ready to be enhanced to other countries and updated market data as well as the in depth integration of stakeholders and policy-makers in the discussion about potential future continuation of these nZEB tracking activities.

Monitor the nZEB market transition means that the consortium follows the evolution of a series of indicators such as: the uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, the penetration of different nZEB concepts, the quality of implemented measures, the qualification of market actors, the role of energy performance certificates, the property value of new buildings and refurbishment.

These monitoring efforts lead to a higher market transparency.

Monitoring was done in parallel with developing contacts with decision-makers at the national level in order to develop an nZEB strategy and recommendations to accelerate the market transition by 2020 and beyond. Their expertise and local knowledge was essential to achieve a high level of acceptance and relevance.

An nZEB strategy and overall recommendations were derived involving policy-makers, the building industry and stakeholders in order to achieve a high-level of acceptance and relevance. The recommendations addressed national aspects and the European dimensions, in particular regarding the further enhancement of reporting procedures of the Member States on nZEB progress as well as the development of the European policy framework. Scenarios of the building stock’s energy need and technology mix up to 2030 helps identify the need for action and supports the nZEB strategy.

The data gathered was compiled into a user-friendly and easy to communicate presentation of nZEB market tracking data and indicators. The different dimensions, aspects and dataare displayed in a highly attractive and flexible web-tool. One part of this web-tool is the “nZEB tracker” showing the gap of current market transition and targets in different countries. ZEBRA2020 implemented an open and flexible Wiki-Tool with corresponding data quality management procedures. This dynamic tool allows easy adjusting and updating of the number of countries, market data, etc beyond project lifetime.

ZEBRA2020 prepared the ground for regular and well-established nZEB market tracking activities in all Member States. ZEBRA2020 monitored inter alia energy performance certificates, energy efficiency measures and the integration of renewable energy sources. Regional specifications were be taken into account while making suggestions how to get the market ready for 2020.

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