Target groups / Outreach

  • Policy-makers at national and regional levels, European policy makers and energy agencies

Policy-makers responsible in the field of building construction, buildings performance and energy consumption of buildings at all levels of decision play an important role in achieving EU’s 20-20-20 targets.

The nZEB market tracking recommendations and nZEB strategies of the project provide policy-makers with a quantitative validity for sound policy-design and decision-making regarding the transition towards nZEB. The project is meant to ease the implementation of sound nZEB strategies in the MS leading to a faster market transition to nZEBs of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies.

  • The building industry, building professionals and RES technology industry

The building industry, architects and building professionals as well as real-estate agencies play an important role in the building design process. Very often the design of the whole building or its components is not up to the state of the art, especially concerning the interaction of components. In many cases, building owners trust the planners and their design, as well as the constructors and their skill, especially in the private housing sector. Thus, to accelerate the market uptake of nZEBs there was an ongoing exchange with experts from this group in the context of tailor-made workshops.

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