ZEBRA at the Thermomodernistation Forum 2016

During the annual Forum, held April 12 in Warsaw, the Association of Energy Auditors will review the most important current issues related to energy efficiency in buildings.

As part of the Forum the following topics will be discussed:

  • The Law on Energy Efficiency – new basic settlement,
  • Energy audits in enterprises,
  • Energy efficiency audits in SMEs – procedures, tools, examples (SME energycheckup.eu project)
  • Assessment of the level of guidelines implementation of the EPBD (ZEBRA2020 project is a Golden Sponsor of the annual edition of the Thermomodernistation Forum 2016)
  • Solutions for energy efficiency in industry,
  • Energy efficiency projects financing in enterprises.

More on this at: http://www.nape.pl/en/a/forum-thermomodernisation-2016

Programme available here.

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