Overview of building-related policies

A new report links energy efficiency efforts related to construction and renovation activities with European, national and regional policies implemented in the building sector. It provides a detailed overview of policy frameworks in 12 EU countries (AT, CZ, FR, DE, IT, LT, LU, NO, PL, RO, SK, ES) by covering such aspects as: strategies and action plans; buildings codes; Energy Performance Certificates and more.

European legislation (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) makes nZEBs a standard by 2019/2021. The technology is already available and proven; however, the large-scale uptake of nZEB construction and renovation will be a big challenge for all market actors and stakeholders involved. A substantial gap in reliable data on current market activities makes it difficult for policy-makers to evaluate the success of their policies and measures. This report is meant to support stakeholders by offering a comprehensive overview of ongoing policies in the field.

ZEBRA2020 – Overview of building-related policies

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